About Me

Katie Hill Stewart, MA, LPC, LCPC
Katie Hill Stewart, MA, LPC, LCPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

About Katie Hill Stewart, MA, LPC, LCPC

At some point you may find yourself in a season of life that is overwhelming, confusing, or lonely. You may have coped with struggles in the past or ‘just gotten by’ and now you are reaching out for help. Maybe you are feeling stuck and unsure what to do next. I know that your story did not start today, but through the exploration of your past and present, you can begin to create your next chapter. Together, we can work towards accomplishing your goals.

In our society, having a healthy relationship with food is challenging. It forces us to criticize our reflections in the mirror daily. It is my passion to help you empower yourself to develop and regain a healthy relationship with food and your body. ​

As a Health At Every Size provider, I am a firm believer in body diversity and taking the emphasis off the number on the scale. At the same time, I am aware that we live in a society where this message is counter-culture and the additional challenges you might face on your journey towards body acceptance and appreciation.


  • License Information: Missouri Licensed Professional Counselor 2018028476
  • License Information: Kansas Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor 01349